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    Design, Editorial, Copywriting

Some of our Works

For over 15 years we have been offering accuracy reliability punctuality to all our clients.

BluLapis is a modern and flexible editorial firm operating with up-to-date technologies,
whose aim is giving clients a thorough work, from design project to photograph shooting, from content creation
to copy editing and proofreading, digital printing and technical consulting.

Our Competences

Consolidated experience

A well-tried professional team

Full package

Project development throughout all phases

We and the Web

Website design and development


Artwork and graphic design


Web 2.0, app, digital publishing

Tailor-made service

Undivided attention to clients’ requirements

Creative writing

Partwork and IT-related contents

Technical consulting

On hardware, software and editorial systems

And also...

All our services are at very good value for money and they will spare you an arm and a leg!
We are ready to answer any question our clients have, both editorial and technical.
All of our workstations are equipped with the latest versions of the most widespread layout and design applications.

Knowing us, trusting us

Since our early days we have been creating and developing books, magazines, partwork collections.

Download our brochure with our most significant work since 2001.

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